Social Media Marketing Strategy
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  • LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Melina Politi
  • KNV43093038
  • 9783659462733
During the last few years Social Media Marketing is becoming more and more popular. The emergence... mehr
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During the last few years Social Media Marketing is becoming more and more popular. The emergence of Web 2.0 and easily accessible Social Media platforms provided the opportunity of sharing content, establishing solid relationships and collaborating on multiple projects online. Any marketer working for a brand or company can select the message that wishes to share with the corporate customers and then this message will be spread from user to user. Efficient corporate content driven by word-of-mouth, results in a big buzz about the company and this will very probably be translated into increased sales. The aim of this book is to thoroughly examine the formulation of a solid Social Media Marketing Strategy, which consists of 3 Stages (Analysis, Execution and Monitoring. After all the necessary solutions and techniques for the latter two Stages are presented, we are going to provide you with an input about the framework for the Analysis Stage. The target audience is the marketer who wants to identify the most efficient Social Media Stratery for an organization.
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