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Forest resources

Forest resources
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  • KNV44728413
  • 9783659514210
A major challenge facing countries is how to maximize the use of forest resources while still... mehr
Produktinformationen "Forest resources"
A major challenge facing countries is how to maximize the use of forest resources while still maintaining their sustainability.Forest resources are being depleted and degraded due to poor access controls, inequities in land-tenure and user rights.This book explores the access and utilization of forest resources using the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework. The study focused on selected chiefdom's in Swaziland. The survey methodology whose target population were household heads(N=185)was adopted. Stratified random sampling technique combining both stratification and randomization was used. Findings revealed that access levels of households to forest resources were different. Furthermore, Institutional and community rules that are used to regulate access to forest resources lack effectiveness due to lack of enforcement of the rules by government and traditional leaders. Consequently, there are problems of deforestation, degradation, illegal harvesting, and lack of involvement by community members.The book sheds more light on forest management practices and is particularly suitable for Foresters,Ecologists,Academics,and anyone interested in the environment.
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