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The Great Super Cycle

The Great Super Cycle
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  • KNV28860997
  • 9780470624180
In-depth look at economic cycles and the rise and fall of political superpowers The United... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Great Super Cycle"
In-depth look at economic cycles and the rise and fall of political superpowers The United States has a problem - a big problem. Due to costs associated with the massive bailout of financial institutions deemed "too big to fail," on-going armed conflicts, and a move towards socialism, another even bigger bubble is about to burst - the debt bubble. Economic Super Cycles: How to Profit from the Fake Bull Market and Coming Debt Explosion is an intriguing look at the relationship between Washington and Wall Street; the history of political shifts in power and how those shifts influenced the global economy; and, the ways investors can profit as economies move away from U.S. dollar and debt. Discusses how a socialist America will result in the U.S. economy becoming far less competitive, while causing funds to move offshore Details how investors can profit by investing in gold, oil, and Asian markets Other titles by Skarica: The Contrarian Who Saved the World As the United States begins to deal with its massive debt bubble, Economic Super Cycles just might prove the most powerful tool an investor has for making money in the turbulent years to come.
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