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The Art of Pharmaceutical Selling

The Art of Pharmaceutical Selling
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Pharmaceutical selling is different ..entirely different from the usual selling. The primary... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Art of Pharmaceutical Selling"
Pharmaceutical selling is different ..entirely different from the usual selling. The primary difference is that the person who is in fact paying for the drugs is not the decision-maker. The decision making authority is someone else... the doctor. The patient or the end user, in turn is the doctor's customer. So basically two customers need to be satisfied, the doctor as well as the patient. The job of a pharmaceutical salesperson is also very interesting in the sense that he has nothing to sell to his customer on the spot, nor can he deliver a live demonstration. He has to sell the concept, the research, the features and benefits and the scientific knowledge, a job much more difficult than is perceived. But still there are thousands and thousands of pharmaceutical sales people worldwide doing a fine job and satisfying their ever-demanding customers. The role of a pharmaceutical salesperson has shifted over the years from a typical salesperson to that of a consultant or a facilitator. Knowledge has made the difference. Using these notions as the basis, this book is primarily intended for the use of frontline pharmaceutical salespersons...
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