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Spectroscopic Study of Materials

Spectroscopic Study of Materials
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Glass is an inorganic amorphous solid. In glass, the species are arranged in a non periodic way.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Spectroscopic Study of Materials"
Glass is an inorganic amorphous solid. In glass, the species are arranged in a non periodic way. In the last two decades, there has been excellent research effort in the area of inorganic glasses and scientific uses in them. The glassy materials which have also recently become the subject of great scientific interest . These amorphous materials have impetuous development in Physics to know for new phenomena. This has led to their applications in many areas such as solar energy conversion, data recording, laser related areas, solid state batteries and so on. In recent years, research on inorganic glasses containing transition metal, rare-earth ions has grown because these glasses have properties of technological importance in the development of new tunable solid state lasers, fiber-optic communication systems and other currently developed electronic devices. Glass has many excellent properties. The prospects of glass science are very bright, since the entire periodic table is available for the research of new glass.
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