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Avoiding Culture Shock

Avoiding Culture Shock
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  • KNV33625188
  • 9783639414004
Revision with unchanged content. Frustration, excitement, anger, happiness, anxiety, pleasure,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Avoiding Culture Shock"
Revision with unchanged content. Frustration, excitement, anger, happiness, anxiety, pleasure, grief there are various ways how people may respond to living, studying, or working abroad, and everything that is related to it. While some sojourners have virtually no problems to blend in with unfamiliar cultural habits and customs, others seem to be struggling. They might experience the so-called culture shock when trying to cope with the new environment, which leaves them disinterested, strained, and depressed. What is culture shock; what are its symptoms? How severe can the so-called shock be? Should it be considered a mental disease, a physical problem, or merely a harmless natural process? What can sojourners do to cure or even prevent culture shock? What is culture? How are cultures different from each other? This book is tackling these questions and provides the necessary answers. It addresses people, who had, who are having, or who are going to have a temporary stay in a foreign country. Hence, it applies to students, interns, managers, expatriates, soldiers, missionaries, and tourists.
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